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Centrum Begroot 2021

Dit plan is geselecteerd voor de stemfase




Dit plan is geselecteerd voor de stemfase.

"Bag Drop" Reducing Plastic Waste

Door: Zoe Sparks
26 april 2021
Centrum Begroot | 1 jul. 2021, 12:01

Er heeft een heroverweging plaatsgevonden op verzoek van de stadsdeelcommissie. Dit plan is in de heroverweging alsnog haalbaar bevonden. Na contact met de indienster blijkt dat het project verkeerd is beoordeeld. Het betreft hier een circulair projectvoorstel m.b.t. plastic recyclen. Het verzamelde plastic wordt (mede)door de indienster gerecycled en in producten verwerkt die geschonken worden aan goede doelen.

I propose the idea of the “bag drop” to the City of Amsterdam. A station is a small receptacle in which plastic baggies can be recycled.

Upon review of the municipality's goals for the future of the different regions of Amsterdam, the idea of ​​“tackling waste nuisance sustainably” was recurrent. Not only is plastic waste an eyesore, but it can also be a danger to wildlife in the area as well as the community as a whole. Much of this waste ends up in the city's famous canals, polluting them. A simple effort to encourage individuals to recycle their used plastic bags could have the potential to go a long way. If “bag drop” stations are placed throughout the center region of the city, primarily located inside of or near to coffeeshops and other popular smoking destinations including parks and public seating areas the city will see a reduction in this litter.
This waste, the small plastic bags, has been successfully recycled and reused in the creation of plastic products which include packaging, fabric for clothing and other accessories, and other plastic products including trays, containers, cups, and much more.
What a beautiful city we live in! I am so happy to live here. The only concern I have ever had in Amsterdam is the presence of so much litter. I truly feel that these “bag drop” stations offer an interesting alternative to littering. Especially when the bags will be turned into usable products that can be given out to the community to encourage participation.


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Zoe Sparks | 3 mei 2021 11:58

Thank you to everyone who has supported the BagDrop project! I have created a webpage to present more information regarding the BagDrop concept. Please visit www.audiokushhq.com/bagdrop for more information. Thank you! -Zoe (Creator, BagDrop)


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